We're cutting back this year



Happy Halloween!


Sack dress with pumpkin backpack - Subscribo from Miel
Balloon hair - Wasabi Pills (not free)



Sometimes I see something that's so perfectly done and so fun that I remember why I have stayed in SL for so long.

[ATOMIC] Rawr! Monster Hood at the Halloween Spooktacular. Not free, but there are tons of free items from all the vendors.


New Chair and New Shoes


Shoes from Surf Co. at the Shoe Fair on Rhodium.
Adirondack Chair from Reek.
Skin from EyeTease lucky board. I don't know who this is, but kinda wow. Besides, everyone else is blogging the Tuli group gift.



Surf Co Dress for FLF



Happy Easter



A Chair


Nothing makes Milani and I happier than a chair. This one comes as a gift from Mudhoney's SOM. Thank you, Ravyn!


Lara's Asuka

Snapshot_008 copy

Lara - Asuka skin (group gift in notices)
YS&YS - Belt Cognac, Christmas Advent gift
Miel - Sol earrings
Air - Dragonfly glasses, gift in store, for those of us who have always wanted a pair of those pricey Airs
!lamb - Witch
couverture -vaudevillian sisters gift at Designers United